Way Too Sweet Sixteen

All the teams that I cover were eliminated before the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament was complete. That left me with two more weeks of Madness and nothing to do.

I know that ripping off the NCAA and creating your own bracket of 64 things to compete for the title is a fun and easy March activity. Except that, from James Curle’s “creative bracket name” competition to the fake, sham NC Twitter Bracket that I refuse to discuss any further, everyone started that LAST week.

I didn’t, because, not realizing that there would be no shadow for the basketball groundhog, I assumed I still had a few more weeks of work.

So I’m late to this game and unprepared to start my funny bracket. Luckily, my girlfriend slept in, so I was able to scramble and find 64 things to pit against each other.

Here we go: Shawn’s March Madness competition … of Things My Girlfriend Has in Her Place That I’d Never Considered Getting For Mine

In the kitchen bracket, we have:

1 Vodka in Freezer  IMG_4653vs. IMG_470516 Framed Pictures of Fruit

2 Flavored Salts       IMG_4685 vs. IMG_4657 15 Wine Bottle Brush Rack

3 Tiny 4-cup Coffee Maker  IMG_4699vs. IMG_470214 Votive Candle

4 Tea Pot           IMG_4700vs. IMG_465613 Copper Scrubbing Sponge

5 Square plates IMG_4703 vs IMG_4684 12 Stuff shaped like heels

6 Weird-shaped silverware  IMG_4704 vs IMG_4652 11 Flip

flop spoon rest




 7 Restaurant leftoversIMG_4654 vs IMG_465110 Plug-in air freshener

8 French pictures IMG_4655vs IMG_4701 9 Blender

Then we have the Living Room Decor region

1 Stationery IMG_4693 vs IMG_469816 This book

2 Scented candlesIMG_4658 vs IMG_469715 Chinese lantern

3 Fake plant IMG_4661vs IMG_469114 Real branch clippings in water

4 Inspirational friends sayingIMG_4665 vs IMG_469413 Heater that looks like a fireplace

5 Room screen IMG_4686vs IMG_4662 12 Broken smoke alarm

6 Decorative box IMG_4664vs IMG_469611 Journal

7 Bigger decorative box IMG_4695vs IMG_469210 TV trays

8 Asian guy figuresIMG_4659 vs IMG_46879 African guy figures

Then we get into the most competitive region of the tournament…the Bathroom/Bedroom region

1. Vanilla scented lotions IMG_4669vs IMG_471116 Electric toothbrush

2. Scented candles IMG_4666vs IMG_471215 2-drawer bathroom organizer

3 Wall-mounted shoe rack IMG_4709vs IMG_471014 Berry-sorbet lotion

4 Entire closet for shoes IMG_4715vs IMG_467513 Cucumber-melon lotion

5 Loofa IMG_4674vs IMG_467312 Noxema

6 Hand towels IMG_4667vs IMG_467211 Shower cap

7 Bathroom votive IMG_4668vs IMG_467110 Fluffy sponge

8 Decorative dresser box IMG_4713vs IMG_4670 9 Eucalyptus lotion

And finally, the Miscellaneous/Entertainment region

1. Zodiac-themed knick nacks IMG_4714 vs IMG_468816 Empty Valentine candy box

2 Vision board IMG_4677 vs IMG_466315 Adult Mad Libs (that aren’t dirty)

3 Buffy IMG_4707vs IMG_469014 Juice Newton

4 Oh the Places You’ll Go IMG_4678vs photo(58)13 Pier One Globe

5 Decorative masks IMG_4708vs IMG_468912 Upside down wine glass rack

6 Votive candelabraIMG_4676 vs IMG_468311 Cat fountain

7 Unicorn clock IMG_4679 vs IMG_468010 Collectable tea pot

8 Old decorating magazinesIMG_4681 vs IMG_46829 Swiffer

So there you have it!  Send me your winners. And when she sees this, we’ll see if my girlfriend gives a new meaning to March Madness.









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